Steven Hadley

Area: Piloting

From an early age I have always wanted to become a pilot. When I was young, spending time in the airport and on the aircraft was just as exciting for me as going on holiday was, and my Father and I would often visit the flight deck before this opportunity was sadly no longer available.

This dream of becoming a pilot and interest in aviation followed me as I grew up and soon became the only thing I wanted to do for a living. Throughout my early years at school I was a bit of a ‘character’, but my goal of becoming a pilot always drove me to succeed in my studies. On my 14th Birthday, my parents bought me a trial flight in a PA28 at my local flying club and from here I caught the bug for flying. I continued working hard and picked my A level subjects around my goal, these subjects being Physics, Maths, IT and Biology. I completed these subjects whilst volunteering at my local airfield.

Once I had completed my A levels, I enrolled in a flight training organization at 18 years old and began my commercial pilot training. After just two years from starting my training, I found myself in the right hand seat of an Airbus A320, flying for one of Europe’s largest airlines. I am lucky enough to have a job that I enjoy so much that it never feels like I am working a day of my life.

Aviation Skills Partnership has been a huge part of my journey in becoming a pilot and I owe them a great deal. The degree program offered meant that a huge amount of financial pressure was lifted when it came to funding my pilot training. I am now earning, whilst learning, as I continue to fly the Airbus for easyJet all over Europe, whilst completing my BSC Honours Degree in Professional Pilot Practices.


Steven has also written a book on how to become a professional pilot. It is a friendly and personal guide to getting into the aviation industry. It offers a first person account of the process, with useful and detailed information about the different processes that one must go through to become a pilot. It is a welcome relief from the formal documentation that you would otherwise have to trawl through to find out about the various tests and qualifications that a wannabe pilot must undertake. You can take a look here