Anna McGrady

Area: Piloting

“I became interested in aviation following a trial flight for my 16th birthday. I was fascinated by the experience and how my local area appeared totally different from 1,500ft in the air. I couldn’t wait to take to the skies again and soon I’d managed to get a job at the flying school to pay for my PPL lessons.

While studying for my A Levels I was very keen to progress to a degree course and I was offered a university place to study physics. However, as my ultimate career aim was to be an airline pilot, once I learnt that ASP were developing a degree pathway directly linked to pilot training I jumped at this opportunity instead.

I applied to CTC Aviation and commenced on the first BSc Professional Aviation Pilot Practice (PAPP) course in January 2014. My training experience at CTC was brilliant and involved tuition in Southampton and New Zealand to gain my Commercial Pilot’s Licence. The support I received from the ASP, CTC and Middlesex University has been excellent throughout! I am now a First Officer for easyJet, based at London Gatwick, flying the Airbus A320. It’s a fantastic aircraft and I’m very lucky to call this my day job. For me the best part of my role is working as part of a team and travelling around Europe.

I really enjoy working with ASP to encourage young people to consider a career as an airline pilot. I found it wasn’t widely promoted as an option by my own school’s career service – possibly due to the costs of training. However there are now options via the PAPP degree course and the airlines that provide support in meeting these costs.

I don’t come from a family with any involvement in aviation but I personally find it fascinating and I would encourage anyone with an interest to pursue a career in the industry as it’s a very exciting area in which to work.”