Dee Amos

Area: Engineering

"Aircraft are in my blood. My father was in the Air Force and, while I don't remember him working on Spitfires in WW2, I was born in North Africa when he was a technician on Canberras and much later saw him at work often when he fixed Phantoms in Germany. That was my real introduction to aeroplanes.


I loved travel, so did the Phantoms and Canberra thing myself, along with Hawks in the Middle East and the occasional Red Arrow. On the tools I've enjoyed meeting people in Ireland twice, Norway twice, Holland three times and, of course, Germany.

I am happy to have earned my City & Guilds Aeronautical Engineering 2 qualification and FAA Airframe and Propulsion certificate. Working for an airline now means that I can afford to visit all these places on holiday rather than work.

I do Science Technology Engineering and Maths volunteering because, although I didn't excel at school I had chances to get somewhere, so I'm giving something back as I consider myself fortunate. People I've mentored even end up working with me as engineers, others are pilots, and another worked hard and got his BSc through one of ASP's Universities. Should I meet you it means you are cared for and under ASP's wing and I'd help you too, all I can."