Aviation Skills Partnership are pleased to announce that we will be crossing the pond to attend the HAI Helicopter Expo in Dallas, Texas.

The expo runs from March 6th – 9th. It is where the global helicopter industry gathers to build professionals, networks, and solutions. We are thrilled to be exhibiting alongside hundreds of other industry organisations and companies. We hope to expand ASP to become a truly international entity which will create aviation professionals all over the world. We are intending to generate support from international clients for our Learning & Skills Zone at Helitech International 2017 in October. It’s the third year since we started this innovative zone within the main exhibition hall, and it continues to inspire people to start a career in aviation.

As an independent organisation, Aviation Skills Partnership aim to find the best aviation pathway for you. We will listen to what you want, what you need, and what you dream of doing, and we will find the pathway that will get you there. It could involve studying for a degree, it might mean enrolling straight into a hands-on training programme, or it may involve applying to specific scholarships that suit your situation. Our innumerable connections across the aviation industry will ensure that your journey is tailored to suit you and to ensure your success.

To find out more about HAI, go to their website: