About ASP

Aviation Skills Partnership (ASP) was established in 2013, dedicated to transforming the approach to aviation skills and creating career pathways into aviation at all ages and career stages. 


In February 2019, ASP was acquired by Pennant International Group Plc and is now an independent subsidiary in the Group, leading the work on A Charter for Aviation Skills.


Our mission is to continuously improve the education and training opportunities leading to, and within the aviation sector, ensuring that the right people have the right skills, to get the right job. We firmly believe in conducting business ethically in order to achieve our mission and the very best outcomes for you. If you’re seeking a profession in the aviation industry, ASP will connect you to the right pathway to enable you to achieve your dream career.

In an increasingly growing and complex aviation industry, we guide individuals who aspire to a profession in aviation, through our pathways, training programmes and degree courses, to their ideal career. We ensure that in contributing to your success. We provide all the support, advice, connections, and resources you need. Whatever your background, we are able to set you on the right pathway to enable you to achieve and succeed in your chosen aviation career. 


ASP has already transformed the approach to skills and career development covering all six areas of aviation (Engineering, Pilot, Air Traffic, Airport Operations, Cabin Crew, and Operations, Planning and Crewing), working with over 200 partners, and building new world-class aviation academies. 

We work with educators, training providers, government, employers, charities, prospective students and other institutions to increase access to the aviation sector and, where necessary, develop the right programmes and partnerships schemes. We promote the aviation industry at Skills Shows, Careers events and Air Shows with our organised Aviation Skills Zone, and link stakeholders so they are able to work together in effective networks. The four main audiences we work with to deliver our Manifesto across the regions: 


• Aviation employers / industry

• People / parents

• Educators / trainers

• Government / regulators

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