The Next Generation of Aviation, Aerospace and Space Professionals in South-West

IAA- RAF St Mawgan is just one of a number of Academies planned to be created at RAF sites nationally, being launched as part of the RAF 100 year.


The planned Academy will link local schools, colleges, training providers, universities with industry and employers and will provide pathways, support and training within Aviation, Aerospace and Space. Providing career pathways from the first aspiration through school, college and university to a career in the industry. It builds on the success of Aviation Skill’s Partnerships first Academy, at Norwich Airport which opened in April 2017.


It will provide integration of education, training and industry pathways for ASP’s six areas of aviation – pilot, air traffic, airport, operations, cabin crew and aviation engineering. Providing pathways through school, college and university for all skills levels and for all job types.


Based on the needs of aviation employers locally, nationally and internationally, it will provide job-ready people with the right skills for the right jobs. It will integrate, feed and partner with other regional aviation locations including military and civil sites, whilst at the same time meeting the urgent national need to increase skills and competence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).


The vision is a complete fit with that of the region to grow skills at all levels, link people to real jobs and bring investment to the region by increasing the employer and trainee base.


The Aviation Academy project will create a facility in a new building at RAF St Mawgan. This training room, workshop and Aviation Emulation Zone® facility will initially focus on aviation and aerospace engineer training. Beyond this, the intention will be to increase the facility over time to incorporate a comprehensive training offering across the six areas of aviation as characterised by the Aviation Skills Partnership.

Photo Credit: Corporal Dave Blackburn

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