Pathways and Programmes for the six areas of Aviation

We are creating new skills development pathways that are interfaced directly with jobs and that have entry points from school years onward, integrating the academic, hands-on industry and soft skills needed by the sector.



1. Agree the standards required for types of employment within the sector and provide those wanting to become employed within it a clear understanding of the qualifications and skills recognised and valued by employers – working with industry and, for example, DoE, CAA


2. Develop STEM in aviation teaching materials and practical tasters that will apply skills developed to employment opportunities in the sector


3. Creating new Partnerships increasing inclusion and establishing development training pathways. 


4. Working with key stakeholders to develop visible training pathways for those wishing to work within the sector.


5. In partnerships, developing and promoting sector-led training programmes targeted at the next generation of young people, their parents, guardians and teachers.

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